Comprehensive Case Based Forensic Investigation

What We Do

We are a digital and social forensics firm specializing in case driven reports for social media, email and web captures that are FRE 902(13 & 14) compliant.

Our Process

Our forensic documentation process is repeatable, defensible and self authenticating.

A signed certified affidavit from us can typically be used inplace of an expert witness.

We’re Different

We compile social and digital evidence from multiple sources using a proprietary indexing method, eliminating irrelevant information saving our clients time and money.

Social Media Account Collection

Capture multiple years of posts, photos, videos and messages. Document edited and deleted posts with monthly or weekly monitoring.

Receive monthly or weekly custom alerts for predetermined names, locations, and keywords

Social Platforms we work in:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Tumblr

Email Account Collection

Capture all email, attachments and threads for the lifetime of accounts.

Email Platforms we work with:

  • Gmail
  • YahooMail
  • AOL Mail
  • Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)

Web Pages & Website Collection

How we work with standard websites:

  • Crawl full pages and sites.
  • Capture code, meta data and PNGs.
  • Download site images/videos.

Reverse Image/Video Searching

Locate images/videos on the web

  • Revenge Porn
  • Voyeurism Filming
  • Snap Chat Bating

Our unique image manipulation process (VirtTRACK) increases chances of discoverability.

Run series of manipulated images through global image databases.

Pricing is simple…

All of our services for the same hourly rate.

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